A leader in the construction industry, BLD Services, LLC (BLD) is a full-service construction general contracting and construction management firm based in Kenner, Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans. BLD is experienced in self-performing and managing a wide range of construction services, which includes projects in the general areas of:

  • Municipal infrastructure (e.g., water, sewer and drainage/stormwater systems and facilities)
  • Transportation infrastructure (e.g., roads, streets, bridges, pathways)
  • Solid waste (e.g., debris removal, landfills, sanitation)
  • Vertical infrastructure/buildings
  • Disaster recovery
  • Electrical and power systems

BLD is licensed as a construction general contractor in Louisiana (License No. 46722) and in over 20 states throughout the US. BLD’s general contractor licenses include the following disciplines:

  • Heavy Construction
  • Municipal and Public Works Construction
  • Highway, Street and Bridge Construction
  • Building Construction
  • Electrical Work
  • Mechanical Work

BLD’s use of both cutting edge and proven technologies, in conjunction with our vast array of experience, uniquely positions BLD to offer our clients cost-effective and practical solutions to whatever construction and utility problems they may encounter. Whether we are constructing a large pumping station or treatment plant, building roads and bridges, providing operational assistance on water, sewer or drainage systems, performing pipe and manhole inspections or completing trenchless rehabilitation of subsurface utilities, our focus and goal is to safely and successfully respond to our clients’ needs while BUILDING THE FUTURE.